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The TED Policy Committee is dedicated to advancing a policy agenda that is centered on best practices as they relate to the professional development of pre-service and in-service teachers and other educators who work with individuals with exceptionalities. Varied issues affecting teaching and teacher education guide the committee’s work and advocacy efforts have proven instrumental in advising state policy and practice. Please access the following links to gain details of how you can become involved at the state and national level.

Learn more about TED's policy and advocacy efforts

Stay in the know with the TED Washington Update- a weekly update penned by our TED Policy Advisor, Dr. Kaitlyn Brennan, including the most recent happenings in Washington DC as it relates to education policy and how this impacts your work. Alerts call attention to critical issues requiring immediate action and increased member engagement to affect change.


To view current and past editions of the Washington Update please click here.

Are you interested in learning more about the most up-to-the-minute happenings in Washington DC as it relates to education policy? Does it ever feel overwhelming to digest in the Washington Update? Join us for a virtual convening on the 4th Thursday of the month with TED Policy Advisor Dr. Kait Brennan and TED Policy Committee Chair Dr. Lucky Mason-Williams. Kait will spend the first 30 minutes providing an update on the most recent happenings in Washington DC as it relates to education policy and how this impacts your work. Dr. Mason-Williams and the TED Policy Committee will then spend the last 30 minutes facilitating a dialogue surrounding TED’s policy and legislative priorities. Convenings will be held via Zoom at 3:00 PM EST on the 4th Thursday of each month.

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Looking for additional information about advocacy or the policy-making process? Want to get involved or help your students to get involved? This series of short briefs aims to help answer these questions! Check back often for updates! 


Advocacy Brief 1- Using TED & CEC Resources HERE 

Advocacy Brief 2- Incorporating Advocacy in Higher Education (coming soon!)


Want to hear more about policy and advocacy? Take a listen to our Collaboration Podcast! 

The TED CEC Collaboration Podcast


Episode 1- Listen to this audio file via Google Drive as Jamie Day interviews Kaitlyn Brennan, the TED Policy Advisor, and Lucky Mason-Williams, the current TED Policy Committee Chair, about what led them to get involved in policy and advocacy. There's also information about our newest TED Advocacy Brief and what's happening in DC! Created in April 2024. Also available on Spotify! 

Get involved

The TED Policy Committee meets virtually every month, to discuss happenings and events that impact Teacher Preparation. We use member input to continue to work towards achieving the goals of the TED policy agenda and mission.  Sign-up now! Also, complete the TED Policy Committee Member Engagement Survey to share a bit about yourself and alert us to issues that arise in your state. 

CEC’s Special Education Legislative Summit SELS will be occurring July 29-August 1, 2024 in Alexandria, Va. TED sponsored up to 10 members ($1000 each) to participate in the 2024 Summit! 

Held in Washington, D.C., SELS is an opportunity for educators from across the country to make a difference by advocating for change with Members of Congress.

Unfortunately, the due date for applying for these opportunities has passed. Please check back in February 2025 for updates

The TED Policy Workgroup seeks motivated, policy-oriented doctoral students interested in learning more about advocacy, policy development, and implications for research in special education and teacher preparation. This highly individualized, student-led experience can be tailored to the doctoral student’s interests and talents, providing opportunities for collaborating with members of the TED Policy Workgroup, assisting with social media campaigns, creating content for Advocacy Briefs and Congressional staff members, working on policy analyses, and contributing to the preparation for the Special Education Legislative Summit (SELS) in July. A maximum of five TED Policy Fellows will be selected by the TED Policy Workgroup each year

Unfortunately, the due date for applying for these opportunities has passed. Please check back in February 2025 for updates


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Honor someone for their advocacy

This award is presented annually, at the TED Conference, to an individual who is involved in advocating for special education teacher preparation (e.g., government relations, letter writing, visits to Congressional Members), and is committed to continuing this work in the future.



Contact Information

For general inquiries regarding the TED Policy Committee, please send emails to: 

Lucky Mason Williams

Dr. Loretta (Lucky) Mason-Williams

TED Policy Committee Chair



Dr. Kaitlyn Brennan

TED Policy Advisor


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