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The TED Policy Committee is dedicated to advancing a policy agenda that is centered on best practices as they relate to the professional development of pre-service and in-service teachers and other educators who work with individuals with exceptionalities. Varied issues affecting teaching and teacher education guide the committee’s work and advocacy efforts have proven instrumental in advising state policy and practice. Please access the following links to gain details of how you can become involved at the state and national level.


Stay in the know with the TED Washington Update- a weekly update penned by our TED Policy Advisor, Dr. Kaitlyn Brennan, including the most recent happenings in Washington DC as it relates to education policy and how this impacts your work. Alerts call attention to critical issues requiring immediate action and increased member engagement to affect change.


To view current and past editions of the Washington Update please click here.


Action Alerts: Stay tuned for opportunities to have your voice heard… 

Sign-on letters and endorsements are a great way to ensure that your voice is heard in support of advocacy efforts. These letters will be sent to legislators to educate them about a topic at hand and to influence their decisions on matters that would help improve the lives of children. 


Want to Join Our Advocacy Efforts?

Great! As issues arise that involve matters specific to your state or the country as a whole, we will send you a notification email inviting you to take action. Prepared content will be provided so that you can easily share details with lawmakers. 


To learn more about how to join advocacy efforts, please send inquiries to

Are you interested in learning more about the most up-to-the-minute happenings in Washington DC as it relates to education policy? Does it ever feel overwhelming to digest in the Washington Update? Join us for a virtual convening on the 4th Thursday of the month with TED Policy Advisor Dr. Kait Brennan and TED Policy Committee Chair Dr. Lucky Mason-Williams. Kait will spend the first 30 minutes providing an update on the most recent happenings in Washington DC as it relates to education policy and how this impacts your work. Dr. Mason-Williams and the TED Policy Committee will then spend the last 30 minutes facilitating a dialogue surrounding TED’s policy and legislative priorities. Convenings will be held via Zoom at 3:00 PM EST on the 4th Thursday of each month.

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Jane West Spark Award

This award is presented annually, at the TED Conference, to an individual who is involved in advocating for special education teacher preparation (e.g., government relations, letter writing, visits to Congressional Members), and is committed to continuing this work in the future.

Read More About the Jane West Spark Award 2022 Nomination Process Here!

The TED Policy Committee meets virtually every month, to discuss happenings and events that impact Teacher Preparation. We use member input to continue to work towards achieving the goals of the TED policy agenda and mission.  Sign-up now! Also, complete the TED Policy Committee Member Engagement Survey to share a bit about yourself and alert us to issues that arise in your state. 

CEC’s Special Education Legislative Summit SELS will be occurring July 9-12, 2023 in Alexandria, Va. TED will be sponsoring up to 10 members ($1000 each) to participate in the 2023 Summit! 

Held in Washington, D.C., during July, the SELS is an opportunity for educators from across the country to make a difference by advocating for change with Members of Congress.

Click here to learn more about SELS and Register today!  



For general inquiries regarding the TED Policy Committee, please send emails to: 


Lucky Mason Williams

Dr. Loretta (Lucky) Mason-Williams

TED Policy Committee Chair





Dr. Kaitlyn Brennan

TED Policy Advisor







Last Updated:  11 October, 2022

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