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Vision, Mission & Purpose

Every professional educator possesses the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and values to enable students with exceptional needs to reach their potential.

TED is committed to mutual respect and inclusion of all individuals without bias based on differences of any kind and is committed to efforts that build dignity, fairness, and equity in teacher education preparation programs for faculty and teacher candidates.

The Teacher Education Division is a professional organization that leads and supports teacher education on behalf of students with exceptionalities and their families. We accomplish this through our strategic plan.

TED’s current Strategic Plan was developed by the TED Board after receiving member feedback through an online membership survey, key stakeholder focus groups, and working sessions held during three national conferences. TED’s current goals, objectives, and strategies were approved in February 2020 and will be reviewed and updated as needed.

TED Strategic Goals and Objectives. Approved

Last Updated:  1 December, 2020

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