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TED 2024 Elections: Learn More About Our Candidates

TED has (4) positions open for their Board in 2024.  If you are a member of TED and did not receive your ballot in your email please email  Election Timeline:

  • November 27- December 8:  Ballots distributed for member voting
  • December 11:  Results submitted to TED President. The president will share results with the candidates and membership 


TED 2024 Elections: Meet Our Nominees

Dr. LaRon Scott
Dr. LaRon Scott


Candidate Election Statement:  I would be the best candidate for President-Elect because of my unwavering support and dedication to TED as a leading organization for teachers and faculty. My journey has been distinctive and gives me a unique vision for the organization. As a candidate for President-Elect, I am in the esteemed position to elevate the organization to unprecedented heights given my unique qualifications and vision for the organization. First and foremost, I am dedicated to the organization’s mission and vision. I have not simply sat back and supported from the sideline. Instead, I have volunteered at conferences, shaped relationships with members, and served on the board as member-at-large for membership and diversity. Through my tenure, I led the establishment of TED’s first and only award solely focused on social justice, and steadily contributed to raising and increasing the diversity of our membership (e.g., race, role—student members, etc.) across my 3 years in this role. I have proven my commitment to the values of TED by standing for, and contributing to, issues that are current and relevant, while also upholding the essence and purpose of the organization. These causes are near and dear to me, and I will continue to ensure that TED members consist of a strong and diverse group of leaders who are championing the success of our organization through advocacy, equity, authentic and meaningful relationships, mentoring, professionalism, research, and policy. Furthermore, my dedication and passion for the organization is the heartbeat of what fuels my candidacy. My personal and professional track record aligns with the pursuit of excellence for TED. I have had the honor to meet and gain many personal and professional relationships with members of the organization, and that is not by chance, but by choice. I have intentionally attempted to make meaningful relationships with members, which included fostering an environment where members voices are valued and celebrated. This inclusive approach is the cornerstone of governance and vision for how we will continue to grow and thrive in the organization. Finally, as President, I will be committed to fostering a collaborative environment and ensure that we continue to reach out to hear from our members. I aim to implement more ways that the organization can become transparent, and drive innovation to improve members experiences, increase engagement, and to propel the organization to achieve excellence internationally, nationally, and locally.

Additional Questions and Answers QWhy do you want to be a part of TEDs Presidential Line and why do you feel you are qualified to serve in that position?

A: I aspire to be a part of TED's Presidential Line to continue championing the types of changes and strategic initiatives of the organization. I am passionate and dedicated to the mission and vision of the organization, and aim to leverage my experiences, skills, and beliefs to support excellence for the organization. I am qualified to serve in the Presidential Line based on my track record of leadership, dedication, and shared vision for the organization. I have consistently demonstrated a willingness to foster partnerships to solve and implement solutions, while valuing and propelling the organization forward.

Q; Describe your leadership style and how you would keep the board operating at a strategic level?

A: My leadership style is not one that controls from the front of the room. Instead, I try to inspire and lead by fostering relationships and partnerships with members (and non-members), drawing on their expertise to collectively solve challenges. Likewise, I strongly believe in embracing a diversity of perspectives, and this process relies on facilitating discussions with diverse audiences and celebrating that diversity of thought in generating ideas and solving problems. This inclusive approach to leadership is what I use to build networks, bridges, and partnerships that will help elevate TED. We have several challenges that we are facing in our country and in our organization. I approach these challenges with optimism and with understanding the strength of our collective intelligence. I hope to continue to challenge our leaders to think strategically and optimistically about our TED's priorities, so that we are putting forward bold and aspirational priorities in leading this organization. In conclusion, I continue to have much to learn about each of our members. As your president, I hope to inspire you as much as you have been able to inspire me. As much of this decision to run for the Presidential Line is about supporting and elevating the voices of our members

Dr. Nelson Brunsting 
Dr. Nelson Brunsting

Candidate Election Statement:  Hi all! I am an Assistant Professor of Special Education at the University of Florida. I research the wellbeing of diverse populations in academic contexts, with a focus on special education teacher working conditions and occupational wellbeing/burnout. The goal of this work is to be able to share advice with a principal or district leader in five minutes that they can enact in fifteen minutes with limited resources that can improve the experience, wellbeing, and efficacy of their special educators. I am excited to be nominated for Treasurer for TED after attending TED 2023 in Long Beach. I would love to contribute more to sustaining the awesome culture of TED, which centers impactful research, graduate student development, caring feedback on each other’s work, and our growing Diversity Caucus. In addition to having integrity that is core to TED and CEC, successful treasurers of organizations exemplify three qualities: (1) detail orientation/budgeting experience, (2) clear communication of fiscal reality, and (3) a solutions focus. For me, I have managed program, research center, and grant budgets for over ten years with a range of line items including personnel, fringe, scholarships, incentives, international personnel, visas, and office space; in no year did a budget I ran go over. Second, although we may generate wonderful ideas and initiatives, we may not have the resources to fund them all—it is the role of the treasurer to communicate clearly, early, and often, what is possible financially. Third, it is important for a treasurer to have a solutions focus. In a prior organization as chair and treasurer of a scholarship committee, I voluntarily removed myself from voting so I could focus on guiding our process, budget, and agreement during meetings. By removing myself, I was able to ensure the committee had clear understanding of their choices. If voted to serve as the TED Treasurer, I would act similarly: (1) keep detailed track of the budget, (2) share the way in which the budget can be used to meet mission and priorities, and (3) focus on providing information about how decisions would impact the budget rather than trying to push for a specific outcome. Thank you for this opportunity. 

Dr. David Peyton
Dr. David Peyton

Candidate Election Statement:  My name is David J. Peyton, and I am an Assistant Professor of Special Education and Inclusive Practices at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I am running for the Treasurer/Representative Assembly position. I believe that my membership in TED, service through Kaleidoscope and the Diversity Caucus, and commitment to Teacher Education make me an excellent candidate for the position. Over the course of my time in TED, I have helped lead Kaleidoscope as a doctoral student and have served as treasurer of the Diversity Caucus. Within Kaleidoscope, I was responsible for organizing meetings, setting agendas, participating in the executive board, and coordinating poster presentations at the annual TED and CEC conference. As a member of the Diversity Caucus, I am responsible for preparing our financial report, attending meetings, and supporting leadership as needed. In those roles, I have grown to appreciate TED as an organization and the robust contributions of its members from all aspects of teacher education. As someone who has served within teacher preparation programs of various sizes, I know that this is a strength of the organization. My intent as treasurer is to build on the exceptional work done by past treasurers and be a supportive and critical voice on the executive board. I aim to accomplish this through my continued willingness to dialogue with members of the board, SIGs, caucuses, and the broader membership of TED. With that, I have three areas I want to address in my potential tenure. First, develop a deeper understanding of the historical and contemporary fiscal stability of the organization. Second, explore the ways in which finances have been allocated across the organization. Finally, and most importantly, support and champion investment in projects that are aligned with TED’s mission and commitment to issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In closing, I am deeply committed to the ideals and mission of TED. As a member of TED for the past eight years, I have witnessed a great deal of good it is capable of providing to its members. From supporting and nurturing doctoral students through Kaleidoscope to investment in issues of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, and the commitment to advancing practice-based teacher preparation and high leverage practices. I believe TED has had excellent stewardship through very difficult times, and I would like to continue that tradition as Treasurer of TED. As your potential treasurer, I am not only dedicated to upholding the legacy of responsible stewardship but also to advancing our shared commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. With your support, I am eager to contribute my skills and passion to ensure TED's continued success.

Dr. Kathy Randolph
Dr. Kathy Randolph

Candidate Election Statement:  My goals as treasurer of TED are transparency and accountability. As the most recent treasurer of TED, my goal was to locate, identify, and reallocate the funds that we had in accounts and get those managed appropriately, which has taken the entirety of my tenure as treasurer. Along with the president-elect and executive director, we spent many hours meeting with financial advisors and companies to identify our need for financial advising and investing and determine how we should proceed in order to be fiscally responsible. We have now located those funds, consolidated them in appropriate accounts, ensured that we are going to be financially stable, and identified several initiatives to support our members and others interested in the organization to boost our membership. As a member of the Representative Assembly, I advocate for TED members and our students, voice concerns of the membership, and ensure that we have the proverbial seat at the table. I look forward to continuing the work -- both as the Treasurer and continuing to share the membership's concerns through Representative Assembly yearly at the Council for Exceptional Children Representative Assembly convening.

Dr. Valentina Contesse & Dr. Willa (Wilhelmina) van Dijk
Valentina and Willa

Candidate Election Statement:  Willa van Dijk is currently an Assistant Professor of Special Education at Utah State University. Her research focuses on individual differences in reading development, response to reading interventions, and teacher preparation. Willa is a quantitative methodologists and loves playing with data, including membership data. She has attended TED since 2014. Valentina Contesse is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Special Education at the University of Florida and the University of Florida Literacy Institute (UFLI). Her scholarship focuses on early literacy instruction and intervention, teacher preparation, and the effects of performance feedback on instructional practices. Valentina teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in various UF teacher preparation programs and coordinates professional development for practicing teachers focused on evidence-based reading instruction. She provides professional development to teachers of reading to ensure all students learn to read. Valentina started attending TED in 2017. Valentina and Willa run on a joint platform as potential co-chairs of Membership and Diversity. They have collaborated on research projects together as doctoral students and continue to have a close professional relationship. As scholars with international backgrounds (i.e., Chile and the Netherlands), we bring a global perspective to the TED board. We are also both former Kaleidoscope chairs and were invested in TED as doctoral students. We recognize many members find their way to TED during their doctoral programs and would want to work on strengthening these early ties to unbreakable bonds to ensure TED keeps a solid membership foundation. Furthermore, we want others to feel at home at TED. As co-chairs we will work closely together with the Diversity Caucus and the Research Committee. One part of feeling at home is to feel validated in research. We want to continue showcasing work on diversity, equity, and inclusion within teacher education.

Dr. Alexandria (Ali) Kappel
Ali Kappel

Candidate Election Statement:  As a professor in a teacher education program at a smaller university with only three Special Education faculty, TED has been my outlet for collaboration, support, and writing partners. I have had the opportunity to participate in several SIGs and during the last year, I joined the Membership Committee in order to help grow this valuable organization. As a member of the TED Board, I would like to continue to increase membership numbers and to serve as a liaison between the general membership and both the Membership Committee and the Diversity Caucus by making the general membership more aware of the valuable work happening in both of these sections of the organization.

Dr. Amber Benedict
Amber Benedict

Candidate Election Statement: Thank you for considering me for the Member-at large SIG/Caucus Liaison. My name is Amber Benedict Seto and I am an assistant professor of special education teacher education at Arizona State University (ASU). My teacher education and research interests are tightly aligned with my aim to prepare educators with the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of students with disabilities. I teach advanced methods coursework to future special educators during their final semesters of student teaching. These courses support future special educators in deepening their knowledge and skill for evidence-based instruction for students with various exceptionalities. We focus on data analysis and assessment, collaboration with families and related service providers, and culturally responsive pedagogy. I have been a leader in the ASU special education undergraduate curriculum redesign. As a junior colleague, I was selected to serve as my program’s instructional strategist (similar to a chair role in other institutions). I am very engaged in scholarship and lead multiple grant-funded research and personnel preparation grants. I have published 24 peer reviewed articles (9 of which within the past three years during my tenure at ASU), 9 book chapters (2 within the past three years during my tenure at ASU), 3 policy briefs (2 within the past three years during my time at ASU). To date my work has been cited 1,138 times and has a Google Scholar h-index of 18. In addition, I have received 5 federally funded grants as co-PI ($14,067,163; 4 within the past three years during my time at ASU) and 8 internally and foundation funded grants as PI/co-PI ($96,557). I have also given 110 national or international peer-reviewed presentations (37 within the past three years while at ASU) and 12 state and local conference presentations (3 during my time at ASU). Taken together, this record demonstrates my scholarly productivity and commitment to collaborative teaming to advance teacher education and special education research for students with disabilities. These experiences in teacher education and research have supported me in developing skills that will allow me to communicate effectively with SIG and caucus stakeholders, representing their needs to the board. As SIG/Caucus Liaison, I plan to use my experiences with developing strong relationships and partnerships across multiple stakeholders to ensure all voices across the Teacher Education Division community are heard. Additionally, I will work hard to effectively communicate information from the executive team with TED SIG/Caucuses to ensure a seamless transition of information is shared by attending meetings and/or developing communications to share with all relevant stakeholders. Thank you for considering me as your TED SIG/Caucus representative and I look forward to supporting the TED community.

Dr. Rhonda Bondie
Dr. Rhonda Bondie

Candidate Election Statement: I would like to serve as the TED member-at-large/SIG Liaison. As a TED member for the past 11 years, the TED community has become my professional home where I go for new ideas, support, and challenges. I have benefitted greatly from sharing my research at TED conferences and reading TED publications. I would like to contribute to TED by serving on the board. I taught both special education and general education for over two decades in urban settings before becoming a teacher educator. My research examines how teachers learn high leverage practices through new technologies. I bring technology expertise and strong communication skills to the TED board. I enjoy collaborating, planning, organizing events, and facilitating discussions. I served three exciting years as the chair of the education board for the Brooklyn Academy of Music and anticipate similarly enjoying the work of TED’s board. I have also served as a program reviewer for the Council for Exceptional Children. As a reviewer, I looked forward to collaborating with the reviewer team, meeting teacher educators, and learning about new programs. My curiosity, listening skills, dependability, and joy in talking with people about teacher education make me a great fit for the member-at-large/SIG liaison. Recently, I have engaged in local education policy by testifying at a joint committee meeting for New York City’s education and technology committees. That experience has led me to realize the importance of organizations like TED in shaping the future of education.

Dr. Christine Fisher
Dr Christine Fisher

Candidate Election Statement: Greetings to the esteemed members of the TED, With a sincere dedication to education and an unwavering commitment to fostering excellence, I am honored to present my candidacy for the Member-at-Large, SIG/Caucus Liaison position. My unique blend of academic qualifications in special education and practical experience in the field makes me an apt candidate to serve the TED Board with distinction. My academic accolades bear testimony to a deep-rooted passion for special education. Holding a Master's in Advanced Practitioner-Special Education and another in School Principalship 7-12 and Special Education Supervision from the renowned University of Nebraska Kearney, I have rigorously pursued excellence in understanding and addressing the nuanced needs of special education students and educators. My commitment to the field further culminated in a Doctorate in Educational Studies-School Reform from the University of Northern Colorado, where my research explored the pivotal role of student and teacher relationships at the secondary level. Professionally, my affiliation with the University of Nebraska Kearney has allowed me to wear multiple hats - from Senior Lecturer and Faculty Advisor to Assistant Professor in Teacher Education/Special Education. These roles have empowered me to influence budding educators directly and offered a first-hand experience of the challenges and opportunities in today's educational landscape. The recognition as the College of Education Outstanding Faculty Advisor in 2023 further underscores my dedication to mentorship and holistic growth. Beyond academics, my service at the Grand Island Public Schools has grounded my theoretical knowledge with practical experience, fostering a comprehensive understanding of education's multifaceted dimensions. This invaluable experience, combined with my expertise in special education, uniquely qualifies me to liaise effectively between the TED Board and the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Caucuses. As Member-at-Large, SIG/Caucus Liaison, my vision is to serve as a bridge, championing the causes of special education professionals and students alike. With a solid foundation in special education and a deep-seated commitment to service, I am poised to streamline communication, bolster collaborations, and ensure that our endeavors resonate with the aspirations of our diverse members.  Diversity, equity, and inclusion are close to my heart, and I pledge to ensure that every voice within the TED community is amplified, acknowledged, and valued. I dream of a future where the TED Board is a beacon of collaboration, innovation, and unity. I humbly seek your support to bring my knowledge, experience, and vision to the TED Board. Together, let us embark on a journey to redefine excellence in education and make lasting, positive impacts.


Dr. Toni Franklin 
Dr. Toni Franklin

Candidate Election Statement: I have been in the field of Special Education for over 20 years, starting as an elementary Special Education teacher and currently serving as an Associate Professor of Special Education at the University of West Georgia. Throughout my career, I have remained an active member of CEC and then TED when I transitioned to Higher Education. Currently, I serve as Co-Chair for the Advanced Standards Revision Workgroup for CEC. When I first came to higher education, I was in a department of only three Special Education Faculty members. Although my colleagues were very kind and offered to help me navigate the world of Teacher Education, the reality was that they were too busy to help me with everything I needed to grow as an educator and researcher. TED gave me a direction to turn to when I was lost, but the actual SIGs/ Caucus helped me feel at home and provided the targeted support I needed. Through my participation in the Early Career SIG and the Small Special Education Program Caucus, I expanded my professional network and grew as an educator and researcher. I experienced firsthand how valuable the SIGs/Caucus are to the members of TED and the division as a whole. The SIGs/ Caucus helps members become connected and stay connected to the division by providing a safe space to meet and collaborate with colleagues who have similar interests and goals. The various SIGs/Caucus also helps the division as a whole to remain relevant and in tune with the current needs and interest of its members. As someone who understands the value of SIGs/Caucus and their roles in helping members find a place of belonging, I will strive to ensure that the work and focus of the Board align with the practical needs and goals of the various SIGs/Caucus and their members.  

Dr. Adam Moore
Adam Moore

Candidate Election Statement: My name is Adam Moore and I’m running for Member-At-Large: SIG & Caucus Liaison. For the last 8 years TED has been a lifeline to me as a small program faculty member. As the Immediate Past Chair of the Small Special Education Programs Caucus (SSEPC), I have had the privilege of serving our 70+ caucus members for the last 5 years in various leadership roles. I am currently an Associate Professor and the Graduate Program Coordinator of Special Education at the University of Rhode Island. I am also the Co-PI of a $1.1M 325K OSEP Personnel Prep award aimed to diversify the special education workforce in Rhode Island. In addition to my involvement with the SEEPC, I am also an invited member to the CEC Student Teacher Support Network, serve as 1 of 7 national experts on the CEC Accreditation Commission, formerly served as the Rhode Island CEC President, and currently serve on the Rhode Island CEEDAR State Leadership team. These roles have given me many opportunities to learn from TED & CEC members and to improve my leadership skills while furthering my passion for special educator teacher preparation. As a member of the SSEPC & Diversity Caucus, I know the vital role these groups play in our TED membership. Along with the Paraeducator, Early Childhood, and Early Career SIGs, our SIGs and Caucuses are instrumental in moving our organization forward. If given the opportunity, I would champion efforts to make TED more diverse and equity-minded, while supporting our SIG and Caucus leaders in their efforts to serve their members. At a time when many have been wondering about adding various SIGs/Caucuses to our organization, I would be humbled to serve the TED organization. Central to why I’d be honored to serve on the TED Board is my commitment to teacher education. We are at a precipice in our work to ensure we address the teacher shortage, challenge the status quo, and create opportunities to make meaningful changes in special education. Thank you for considering me for serving as the Member-At-Large (SIG & Caucus Liaison) in our organization.


Dr. Cheryl Wold
Dr Wold

Candidate Election Statement: Higher education programs in special education are facing some challenges. There are lower numbers of students entering Educator Preparation Programs in Special Education. Yet, the demand for special education teachers in the PK-12 world is increasing. I believe there are changes taking place, such as Alternative Certification paths, to prepare special education teachers. I strongly believe that it is important for teachers to meet proficiency in the CEC Standards no matter the route to certification. I would be a strong advocate for supporting programs that align with the CEC Standards. I have been a member of CEC throughout my career and have been a member of TED for about 10 years. I have attended and presented at one TED Conference and have reviewed conference proposals for a few years. I have a strong background in special education. I earned my undergraduate degree in Special Education and Elementary Education at Northern State University. After that I completed a master's degree program in special education with a specialization in SLD at Northern Illinois University. I worked as a special education teacher in North Dakota for 17 years. During that time, I served students with various disabilities. I had a plan to continue my career path seeking opportunities where I could have a greater influence on special education. I completed the requirements to become certified as a Director of Special Education while working as a teacher. I was honored to be selected at the Director of Special Education for a multidistrict of schools in North Dakota and served in that role for eight years. I thoroughly enjoyed the roles and responsibilities that came with that position, which involved every aspect of providing special education services to students with disabilities. During that time, I began work on my Ph.D. with the ultimate goal of working as a professor. My dream job, being a professor at Northern State University, came open during my eighth year as a director. It was a hard decision, but I joyfully made the transition to higher education. I currently teach a variety of special education courses and am the Graduate Coordinator for our Master's Degree in Special Education program. Working in an Educator Preparation Program is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. I take pride in the accomplishments of our undergraduate and graduate students and am so proud of them when they begin their teaching careers in special education. Higher education plays such an important role in the field of special education, and I am always aware of the responsibility that accompanies this role where I can have an even greater impact on the field. I have served on the Representative Assembly Committee for CEC for the past few years and have been thinking about new opportunities for national level service. I am conscientious about my commitments and believe I would be a good board member. I am passionate about special education, organized, reliable, and enjoy working with others to advance the profession of special education teachers. Thank you for your consideration.

Florence Bason
Florence Bason

Candidate Election Statement: I am pleased to submit my application materials for the TED Kaleidoscope student representative position. My name is Florence Bason and I am a second year doctoral student at the University of Florida on project EASE: Econometric Analysis in Special Education. My undergraduate and graduate degrees are in Elementary Education, but my experiences as a classroom teacher (kindergarten teacher for 13 years) and as a mother encouraged me to learn more about Special Education. I grew up in poverty in rural Florida and am a first-generation college student, so being a doctoral student often feels surreal. I am the mom to four amazing humans – the oldest is gifted, the second is twice-exceptional, the third is currently in kindergarten and has an IEP for speech, and the fourth will also have an IEP for speech once he begins school. I received speech services as a child and our pediatrician thinks I passed on a currently unidentified gene to them). My third child had his acceptance into a laboratory school revoked once the school realized they had overlooked his disability which has led me on a new path that certainly influences my life: advocacy. I am applying to be the student representative because all of my Kaleidoscope experiences have been amazingly positive. Kaleidoscope has provided me with an opportunity to learn more about navigating academic conferences and proposal submissions in an encouraging space. I would like to give back and support others who are navigating this new, likely unfamiliar, chapter of their life. My goals as a TED Kaleidoscope student representative would to be provide more guidance on developing research posters and discussing posters during presentations. I have been fortunate to have exceptional mentors, but not all students have the same experiences and sometimes even knowing what to ask is outside our realm of knowledge. I have seen great things in other spaces that I want to bring into Kaleidoscope. For example, the TED Diversity Caucus has a video series of recorded interviews with different faculty members. Using this idea, I think Kaleidoscope could have short videos (less than five minutes) from a variety of scholars in various positions offering guidance, tips, and support to doctoral students. I also think it would be beneficial to conduct a survey of all TED doctoral students after Kaleidoscope events to receive feedback and suggestions on way to improve our support. Another idea I have comes from Florida CEC: having some form of recognition for the university which has the most doctoral students either attending CEC/TED conferences or presenting posters at Kaleidoscope. Within this same realm, we could recognize the university who has the most faculty providing feedback during Kaleidoscope poster sessions which could potentially encourage more faculty participation. Ultimately my goal would be to foster collaboration among doctoral students through TED Kaleidoscope. The mentorship this year was absolutely fantastic, and I think another offshoot we could do would be peer mentors to help make connections for cross university collaborations. Thank you for your consideration. Reasons for being interested in serving as a Student Representative and Chairperson of Kaleidoscope:  As a first-generation doctoral student, I appreciate that Kaleidoscope has provided me an opportunity to learn more about navigating academic conferences and proposal submissions in an encouraging space. I would like to give back and support others.

Two goals you’d like to accomplish as a Student Representative: 1. Increase engagement and continue developing a supportive community among TED doctoral students. 2. I would like to offer more guidance to beginning doctoral students.

Your leadership style: My leadership style is best described as flexible. I am good at adjusting based off the situation. I am great with ideas, but also detailed oriented and good at turning my ideas into reality. I love collaborating, but also can work independently.


 Casey Hubbard
Casey Hubbard

Candidate Election Statement: Howdy, I am Casey Hubbard, a doctoral candidate at Dallas Baptist University, where I am studying Educational Leadership EC-12. I am an educational diagnostician and adjunct professor in the College of Education Special Education Programs. I am currently embarking on my dissertation research, examining educator preparation programs' ability to prepare first-year special education teachers to enter the classroom. I strongly believe in servant leadership, and as doctoral students, we are working to better our profession and support persons with disabilities. I would love to increase awareness of Kaleidoscope and the support that it provides to graduate students. I value relationships with others and supporting them to reach their goals. Reasons for being interested in serving as a Student Representative and Chairperson of Kaleidoscope:  I want to serve others who are pursuing their doctoral degrees. 

Two goals you’d like to accomplish as a Student Representative:  Increase membership, especially in minority populations and persons that have disabilities.

Your leadership style: I am a collaborative, servant leader who values relationships with my team.

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