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Graduate Student Committee 
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Welcome to Kaleidoscope!  

Kaleidoscope is the Teacher Education Division (TED) of CEC’s Graduate Student Committee. Membership in Kaleidoscope is open to all graduate student members of CEC/TED who are full or part-time students during the academic year at an accredited college or university. Kaleidoscope provides a venue for student researchers early in their doctoral careers to present professionally and receive constructive feedback from faculty reviewers. It also provides professional development opportunities specifically tailored to future teacher educators. Students’ voices are valued by TED. Thus, Kaleidoscope members are encouraged to participate in all standing committees providing opportunities for students to engage in national service, participate in professional discussions on special education teacher preparation, and develop leadership skills. 

Kaleidoscope holds two graduate student symposiums a year, one at the TED conference in the fall and one at the CEC conference in the winter/spring. These sessions provide students with opportunities to present their research in poster sessions where they receive feedback from faculty members and peers. The Kaleidoscope program also typically includes presentations by faculty members and opportunities to participate in break-out sessions with peers to discuss topics pertinent to academic life in the field of special education.  



  • April 19, 2024: Proposals due for the annual TED conference. Submit a proposal at
  • November 5-8, 2024: Annual TED Conference



  • Want to attend the Special Education Legislative Summit July 29-August 1, 2024 in Alexandria VA? Apply by April 15th for a TED Sponsorship to attend. Click here to learn more and complete the application.
  • The TED Policy Workgroup seeks motivated, policy-oriented doctoral students interested in learning more about advocacy, policy development, and implications for research in special education and teacher preparation. To learn more about the TED Policy Fellow position click here, and apply by May 1.



Monique Pinczynski M.Ed. BCBA

Doctoral Candidate, Snyder Fellow

University of North Carolina Charlotte

Monique Pinczynski

Florence Bason

Doctoral Student

University of Florida

Florence Bason

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Last Updated:  5 April, 2024

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