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Updated Bylaws

Review Bylaws

The membership has two months for open comment, until 2/17/2023. If you have comments and/or suggestions, please complete this form. After the two-month period, the Board will vote on whether to incorporate the changes or not


Here are the highlights of the changes:

  1. A section was added to define terms (see page 1)
  2. Presidential Line and Executive Board member titles and duties were updated to match the changes decided on by the Executive Board (in an effort to reduce costs and streamline governance) (see Article VI Sections 1 and 8)
  3. All Members at large in charge of committees were changed to elected positions (see Article VI Section 1).
  4. Descriptions were added for caucuses, SIGS, and subdivisions and their status with TED (see Article VIII)
  5. Election cycle changed to after TED Fall conference (see Article VII Section 4).
Last Updated:  14 December, 2022

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