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Featured Scholar

Featured scholars are chosen from the general TED membership. These scholars have been selected because of their innovative work in special education teacher education.

Criteria for Selection as Featured Scholar of the Teacher Education Division

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Featured Scholars

Maya Israel

Brief Bio: Co-Chair of TED Research Committee and Asst. Professor at University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign


Brief Description of the Scholar's Work: Describes her research interests in STEM and various technologies for student engagement.


Monika Williams Shealey

Brief Bio: Professor and Dean of College of Education at Rowan University


Brief Description of the Scholar's Work: Describes needs for diversity and collaboration within teacher education.

Lisa Dieker

Brief Bio: Professor and Eminent Scholar in Special Education from the University of Central Florida.


Brief Description of the Scholar's Work: Research interests of TeachLivE and STEM initiatives at UCF are shared.

Kelly Carrero, Mandy Lusk, Donna Sayman, Mary Spencer, Calli Lewis, Stacy Zulkosky


Brief Bio: Members of TED currently co- teaching at their universities.


Brief Description of the Scholars' Work: Overview of TED 2013 Post-Conference Session entitled, “Co-Teaching in Higher Education”. Learn multiple strategies and tools used from multiple perspectives and universities. For more resources related to their presentation, visit this website they created:

Last Updated:  7 December, 2020

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