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February Leadership Message

Hello TED Family,

February is all about engagement. As you might know, Valentine's day is the #1 day to get engaged, oddly enough #2 is the Saturday before Christmas with Christmas Eve being #3, and Christmas Day as #4, (not that that information is important to the TED Newsletter, but if I can help out with a trivia night or Jeopardy Question, then tuck that tidbit away!) But for now let’s talk about our desire to have you ENGAGE WITH TED. Not quite a marriage proposal, but a meaningful connection all the same! TED has six committees, three Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and two Caucuses. There has to be a place for you!

This month we are going to share a little bit about the committees and give you an opportunity to find your niche within TED. Next month we will share more about the SIGs and Caucuses.

Kaleidoscope: View Video Here 

Doctoral Students at every level this is your place to network. Contact Monique Pinczynski ( or Flo Bason (


Do you have ideas about ways to recruit new TED members? Are you interested in increasing the diversity of TED membership? Do you have ideas about spotlighting work about diversity in the special education teacher workforce? We encourage you to join the Membership Committee and Diversity Caucus to share your ideas and insight. Contact Valentina ( or Willa ( with any questions or interest!

Professional Development & Knowledge and Skills : View Video Here

Contact Stephanie Morano (

Political Action

Are you passionate about policy? Are you a Washington Update junkie? Maybe you have an idea about helping to shape TED’s policy initiatives. Whatever your level of knowledge or experience, we can use your voice! For more information contact Lucky Mason-Williams (

Publications & Communications: View Video Here

Contact Andy Markelz (


Are you wanting to get involved with other researchers? To carry out TED’s mission and deliver TED’s vision, our committee makes sure TED is promoting and sharing the latest research on the teacher educator professional workforce. If you want to be part of this goal please contact Ambra Green ( or Wendy Rodgers (

Still feeling shy and just want us to make that connection for you? Great, we can do that! However, since we don’t believe in blind dates, we won’t assign you a committee. Instead tell us about your interests by completing this form and we will share your information with the committee chair with whom you MATCH.

In other news, and to show you how busy Andy and the Publications and Communications Committee are here is just a glance at what they have been up to:

The publications and communications committee has been busy! In December, we published the 2023 TED Conference Proceedings. Be sure to check them out here:

The Ad Hoc TESE Editor Search Committee has closed the application window and will begin reviewing applications and inviting top candidates for interviews. We hope to provide the TED executive board with a recommendation prior to the next board meeting at CEC San Antonio.

The Journal of Special Education Preparation (JOSEP) now has Advanced Online Publications. You can download and view these online first articles here:

In addition, JOSEP is working on a special issue on Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Preparation (anticipated publication date May 2024) and a special issue on Artificial Intelligence in Special Education Teacher Preparation (anticipated publication date September 2024).

I also want to remind you Stephanie and the PD committee are working hard to develop PD just for TED members. You recently received a survey from her, here is the link again. Please share your thoughts, so the committee can consider your needs in their plans.

This really is your professional home! Get more involved in TED today!

All the best for a Sweet February!


Posted:  8 February, 2024

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