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December Leadership Message

December 7, 2023

Dear TED members,

It’s December which means a few things: (a) lots of grading, (b) many distractions (hello, black Friday), and (c) an opportunity to reflect on the year. I am going to choose (c) for this newsletter to give my credit card a rest and, well, I just want to ignore the grading for another hour or so.

It has been an honor to serve as President of TED this past year. I had always believed the organization was worthwhile and a “fit” for me and my work. Now I am completely convinced and have evidence to support this belief. In my year as President, I saw volunteers eager to do more, members become enraged and then engaged in productive ways, individuals with new ideas and energy that we could channel into new projects, and an organization that was moving forward in a meaningful way. I also saw our members and our advocates prominent in national conversations about our field. With all of this happening, I learned how quickly a year can go by. There is plenty for Kyena to do come January 1 and I look forward to the great things she will accomplish!

Thank you all for believing in and supporting me as President. I appreciate all of the work of the Board, SIGs, and caucuses this past year. You made me look good! I also want to thank Brannan for her support and Kait for all of her efforts on TED’s behalf and for coaching me. I wish everyone the best in the new year and hope you get a chance to unplug and unwind during winter break.

Ugh--back to that grading….


Ugh--back to that grading….


And now, what’s happening in TED:

Don’t forget to VOTE!!!! We are so lucky to have a great slate of candidates for our volunteer positions. Please take time to cast your ballot—Brannan has made it very easy to do so. Voting is open until December 8th. Click Here to Vote!

From the Publications Committee:

TESE Editor Search

The call for applications is now open and will close on January 30, 2024. In February, the search committee will review applications and interview top applicants with a target date of March 13 for recommendation to the Board. The new editor(s) would overlap with the current editors from May-December 2024, starting the term on January 1, 2025. Please consider applying. If you have any questions visit or contact Andy Markelz, Chair of the Search Committee at

Journal of Special Education Preparation

The editorial team at JOSEP is please to bring you volume 3 issue 3! In this open submission issue, seven author teams discuss and present important topics within special education teacher preparation, including an International Spotlight article on developing inclusive practices in Sierra Leone. Check out this issue today!

From the Research Committee:

A huge thank you to all of those who participated in the Research Roundtables and the Spotlight session at TED! We appreciate the mentors, mentees, chapter authors, and session attendees for their engagement and contributions.


Posted:  6 December, 2023

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