The Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children is dedicated to collaboration and shared best practices as they relate to the professional development of pre-service and in-service teachers and other educators who work with individuals with exceptionalities. To that end, TED offers its members the Syllabus Share feature. The Syllabus Share has been designed to enable members to learn from one another without having to recreate the wheel. Members are encouraged to upload their own syllabi, activities, presentation powerpoints or handouts, and to download those of other TED members.

Basic Professional Guidelines:

TED members are encouraged to share their syllabi as-is. Readers are asked to select sections that help them and to avoid making any judgments on any parts of the syllabus that do not appeal to them. We want to encourage sharing and discourage criticism or worry that syllabi will be seen as anything other than a way in which ideas can be shared and work can be minimized.

These resources are created for TED members; please encourage other TED members to use them but avoid sharing the log-in information with non-TED members.

Participants are encouraged to keep their name on their shared materials so that other TED members can contact them with questions if desired; however once shared, content is considered open source and can be downloaded, cut and pasted into new syllabi, and used without credit given. If you don’t want to be contacted, feel free to remove your name and contact information.

We do ask TED members to give appropriate citation credit when substantive content or ideas are shared, as professional practice would dictate. While not all information needs to be cited, if you feel you have used something substantive or an entire idea, activity or handout, please do give appropriate citation.  Examples (at the bottom of the page, you might write)
Adapted from W. Murawski’s 2013 syllabus for CSUN SPED 638
Thanks to V. Correa (UNCC) for sharing her syllabus & activities
Handout copied from: M.A. Prater (BYU), SPED 569
TED is collaborating with IRIS on this activity. We are promoting their Syllabus Share and they are promoting ours. We serve different functions, but both may be resources for faculty looking for ideas for their various courses. The TED Syllabus Share offers a wide range of syllabi, activities, handouts, across different content areas and formats, while the IRIS Syllabus Share offers syllabi that share a common template and all demonstrate how IRIS modules can be integrated into courses. Both will be valuable.  

The only way to grow this resource is if faculty are willing to share their own syllabi & materials. Please do!

If you are interested in sharing your own syllabi and activities or related materials, please email them to  Thank you for your willingness to share with your TED colleagues!

Additional Resources Include:

IRIS website


Syllabus Submission