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The TED 2018 Conference program is now available. TED 2018 Program 11.7.18

Accountability/Assessment: Teacher evaluation, program evaluation, evidence-based programs, assessment

Activism: The productive engagement in issues important and relevant to students with disabilities and teacher educators

Diversity: The recruitment, retention and development of teachers who reflect the diversity of the human experience: cultural, disabilities, gender, linguistic, LGBTQIA, and/or racial diversity

Collaboration/Partnerships: Collaboration and partnerships with families, special education, and general education

Preparation, Certification, Mentoring: Pedagogy, mentoring, professional development, retention of teachers

Policy and Advocacy: Policy analysis, advocacy, legal issues

Research: Highly effective educational practices, preparation of special and general education teachers, bridging the research to practice gap

Technology–Modeling and assessing technology used in teacher education as well as in PK-12 classrooms

High Leverage Practices: How do we teach HLPs, How do we represent HLPs, How do we show deliberate practice in teacher education?

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