Membership Committee

Chair: TED Board Member, Dr. Andrew Hashey

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting members and supporting the state and regional subdivisions.

In order to achieve this goal, the committee:

  • Maintains a current record of members.
  • Monitors the membership rosters on a quarterly basis.
  • Follows up on inactive members.
  • Recruits new members.
  • Facilitates the induction and orientation of new members.
  • Fosters participation of members in the activities of TED.
  • Supports CEC headquarters in its follow-up of membership renewals.
  • Keeps a written record of the activities conducted to maintain and increase membership.
  • Serves as the monitor of subdivision development, by sponsoring a meeting at the annual TED meeting of representatives from each of the subdivisions, receiving and reviewing applications, receiving and verifying membership petitions, receiving and reviewing constitutions for new subdivisions, and making recommendations to the Executive Committee for official recognition.
  • Reviews periodically the constitutions of subdivisions to ensure that they meet CEC’s guidelines.
  • Maintains data regarding membership in the states/provinces and communicates with CEC pertaining to membership records.
  • Establishes and maintains a network of professionals, including state coordinators, responsible for the continuing professional development of persons involved in the education of individuals with exceptional needs.
  • Establishes and maintains liaisons with other organizations involved in the continuing professional development of educators of individuals with exceptional needs (e.g., NASDSE, ASCD, National Staff Development Council, Educational Service Agencies, Regional Labs, Regional Resource Centers, National Diffusion Networks, CASE).
  • Prepares reports for presentation at the meetings of the Executive Board and General Business Meetings according to the provisions stated in the TED Constitution.
  • Assumes responsibility for other activities pertaining to membership assigned by the Executive Committee.

For more information, contact Dr. Andrew Hashey

Agendas and Minutes