Apply to be a TED Kaleidoscope Student Representative!

Application Guidelines

*Note: Student Representatives for this year have been selected and a new call for student representatives will come out in spring 2020.

The TED Student Representative is a 2-year commitment. Appointments are staggered so in any given year there are two new, junior representatives and two veteran, senior representatives. This allows for mentoring and continuity in Kaleidoscope goals. Benefits of being a TED Student Representative include but are not limited to the following opportunities: networking with other doctoral students and university staff, being mentored into a service position, and funding to support travel to CEC and TED. The responsibilities of a TED Student Representative includes a set of manageable tasks spread over time and between your fellow team members, three other student representatives.

Interested applicants must submit a Letter of Interest to become a Student Representative. The letter should include the following information:

  1. CEC membership number
  2. Contact information including university affiliation, address, email, and phone number
  3. Status in the doctoral program (first year, second year, ABD, etc.)
  4. Divisions of CEC to which you belong and your level of involvement in these divisions
  5. Past involvement, if any, with TED/Kaleidoscope. Also, please include what, if any, involvement the chair of your doctoral committee has had with TED
  6. Reasons for being interested in serving as a Student Representative and chairperson of Kaleidoscope
  7. Two goals you’d like to accomplish as a student Representative (e.g., increase student membership; recruit more doctoral student representatives who are members of traditionally under-represented groups)
  8. Your leadership style (e.g., big idea, detail-oriented, collaborative, schedule driven)

Travel Reimbursements

TED understands the fiscal challenges that doctoral students face in attending conferences. As a result, TED supports all Kaleidoscope student representatives through travel funds so as to ensure they are present and are active participants at the annual executive committee meetings during CEC (February) and TED (November) conferences.


Call for Student Representatives

New call for student representatives will be posted in Spring 2020.


Previous Student Representative: Where are they now?

  • Reem Muharib, Assistant Professor,Texas State University
  • Wilhelmina van Dijk, Post-Doctoral Position,Florida State University
  • Andy Markelz, Assistant Professor,Ball State University
  • Kathleen Randolph, Assistant Professor,University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
  • Stephanie Morano, Assistant Professor,University of Virginia
  • Jennifer Holbrook Sears, Post-Doctoral Scholar,University of Central Florida
  • Andrew Hashey, Assistant Professor,SUNY Old Westbury
  • Aftynne Cheek, Assistant Professor,Appalachian State University