Conference Advisory Committee

Chair: TED President, Dr. Mary Brownell

The Conference Advisory Committee makes recommendations and oversees the program and logistics for the TED activities and Professional Development events. For each of these conferences/conventions/events, a sub-committee working on the program and logistics is also created.

The Conference Advisory Committee is responsible for coordinating these activities and all the planning involved. Specific functions include:

  • Recommendations to the Executive Committee in regards to:
    • Locations of TED conferences.
    • Local arrangements for the TED conferences.
    • Themes for conferences, topical priorities for programs, and formats for programs.
    • Assuring all conferences are evaluated.
  • Responsibility for implementing Divisional policies pertaining to managing and accounting for finances related to conferences.
  • Maintaining and updating the TED Conference Planning Handbook and for distributing copies to identified local arrangements coordinators and/or program chairpersons.
  • Responsibility for all other activities pertaining to conferences/conventions/ professional development assigned by the Executive Committee.

For more information, contact Dr. Mary Brownell