Professional Development

Professional Development Committee

Chair: TED Board MemberDr. Susanne James

In addition to providing Professional Development for the field, TED also provides professional development for our members who themselves are teacher-educators and researchers actively, who are engaged in providing professional development. Our members look to TED to fulfill their own professional development needs. As recipients of professional development, they rely on The Professional Development Committee of TED to coordinate and promote activities to fulfill their unique professional development needs. As such,

The Professional Development Committee of TED shall:

    • Make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding criteria for effective continuing professional development practices to meet the requirements of the CEC Standards for Professional Practice.
    • Apprise the membership of research and information on effective professional practices through a vehicle agreed to by the Executive Board.
    • Study various models of professional development and make recommendations to the Research and Professional Issues Committee regarding research needs in this area.
    • Make recommendations to the Conference Advisory Committee regarding relevant topical areas in continuing professional development for inclusion in TED conferences/conventions/workshops.
    • Establish and maintain a networking system of professionals, including CSPD coordinators, who are responsible for the continuing professional development of persons involved in the education of individuals with exceptional needs.
    • Establish and maintain liaisons with other organizations involved in the continuing professional development of educators of individuals with exceptional needs (e.g., NASDSE, ASCD, National Staff Development Council, Educational Service Agencies, Regional Labs, Regional Resource Centers, National Diffusion Networks, and CASE).
    • The Committee shall assume responsibility for other activities pertaining to the continuing professional development of those involved in the education of individuals with exceptional needs, as assigned by the Executive Board.

For more information, contact Dr. Susanne James

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